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Name : Aburame Shino
1st Appearance : Chapter 39
Clan : Aburame Clan
Height : 157 cm
Weight : 46?kg
Blood : Type AB
Village : Hidden Leaf Village
Techniques : Bug clone skill (Kikai bunshin no jutsu)

Aburame ShinoBehind Sasuke and Naruto, Shino is the strongest of the Nine Leaf Rookies from Hidden Leaf, yet, oddly enough, remains quite stoic and impassive. He talks only unless he absolutely has to, and not because of lack of intelligence. Rather, he is quick to pinpoint advantage's and weakness's when he fights. Not quite on Nara Shikamaru's, but closer than the other rookies.

Shino is a very mysterious character of this anime. Because he's a member of the Aburame Clan, his special skill is that he has insects in his body that feed of his chakara. He then utilizes these insects for attacking and defending. Some of his abilities is Bug Host and Bug Clone. These bugs obey whatever he orders them to do. This bugs are really harmful because they eat chakra.

Aburame ShinoFrom birth, people of the Aburame clan make a pact with an insect known as Destruction Bugs. In exchange for a lifetime of chakra which the insect's use for food, the host in which the bugs live in can call upon their service whenever they need to. Shino is no different, and has thousands of the insects living inside him. Aburame Shino utilizes the insects by having them sneak attack his enemy, while he distracts them with simple taijutsu. He could also have a clone of himself performed when in danger, or use a female bug as a tracking device hunting down fleeing pursuers.

Aburame Shino

Shino's first documented fight against Zaku Abumi demonstrates Shino's cool demeanor and strength, as well as his ability to think ahead of his opponent. After the fight, many people, including Naruto and Hyuuga Neji were impressed, but still, much remains unknown about him.


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