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Name : Momochi Zabuza (Devil of the Mist)
Village : Hidden Mist Village


Zabuza is infamous for his strength and his expertise in silent killing. However, Zabuza deserted his village for his own agenda and failed miserably thus losing a better image of himself. His reputation for being a devil precedes him; something very gruesome happened in years past that would implant this reputation.

Who is Zabuza? Zabuza is a missing ninja from the hidden mist village, traveling with his only companion Haku. From the outside, Zabuza seems heartless. He doesn't hesitate to kill anyone that gets in his way and he'll do anything as long as the person that's asking him to do the thing pays him. But, if you break your contract with him, you better watch out, because this former hidden mist ANBU member will surely slice you! Sarcastic and sure of himself, Zabuza won't hesitate to taunt his opponents and play with them until they die! (Like he tried to do with Naruto's gang) He also thinks that you're not a ninja until you either have your hands stained by the blood of many, or that you're in his bingo book (like Kakashi). But, it seems that deep inside, Zabuza might have had feelings after all, for he took Haku under his protection when no one was forcing him to do so. But the biggest proof that deep inside, Zabuza had feelings, is that he cried, he cried when his only companion Haku died, and he decided that he would join him in the other world¡­but not before avenging him! Even if he looks like a brute, Zabuza is very intelligent and he can easily trick even the mightiest opponents, like Kakashi.

ZabuzaWhat we know about Zabuza's isn't what we could call a sweet childhood! We know that he became a ninja after he killed more than one hundred academy graduates at the final test of the Mist village. The thing is, not only did he kill by himself a huge amount of comrades, he did it when he wasn't even a graduate that year! For that he began to be called: The Demon from the Mist Zabuza. Afterwards he climbed up the hierarchy very quickly and he became an ANBU relatively young. He was part of a team specialized in silent killing and he was one of the best sword wielding ninja in the village, in fact, he was a member of the legendary Mist 7 group, the best sword wielding ninjas of the village! After some time though, and for a reason we do not yet know, he tried a Coup d'¨¦tat against the Mizukage. But unfortunately for him, it miserably failed and he had to go in exile.

From there, Zabuza traveled alone, separated from the little group that tried the Coup d'¨¦tat with him. Getting contracts where he could and running away from hunter ninjas trying to kill him, Zabuza stayed alone for a short while, until he met, not long after his failed attempt to overthrow the government, Haku, still in Hidden mist Village. Haku was there on a bridge, sitting in the now, that little boy that was alone, hungry and sad. Zabuza, stopped and talked to the boy. He immediately recognized, in that boy, a tremendous potential to become a fabulous ninja! So he took him, making him swear that he would always be loyal to him, and that he must become a tool! So, during the next few years, Zabuza trained Haku, making him learn everything he knows and making him develop his other abilities.

After that, Gatoh showed up and he broke the contract he had with Zabuza and more than that he had the guts to kick Haku's face, even if he was just a dead body¡­ At first, it seemed that Zabuza didn't care, saying that it is the destiny of every shinobi to die and that you have to be emotionless, but Naruto made him understand that every shinobi has emotions weather they like it or not. He also made him understand how far Haku went to fulfill his dreams, regardless of his'. It's at that precise moment, that the Demon Momochi Zabuza, cried¡­he cried for the first time of his life, he cried because he lost more than a tool, he lost his friend, his child, his family¡­than, regardless of the fact that he couldn't use his two arms anymore, realizing that is was all Gatoh's fault, he took a Kunai in his mouth and ran for Gatoh, killing every one of his men in his path. Animated by an uncanny rage, not even caring for the fact that he merely had five weapons in his back, he managed to go for Gatoh, and kill him. Using the last of his strength, he asked Kakashi to carry him to Haku's body. Dying, his last wish was to go to next world, and be with Haku forever more¡­there, under the falling snow, the once feared Zabuza died wishing he would go to heaven with Haku¡­

ZabuzaZabuza's fighting style was deadly and efficient. First, he carried around his use decapitating sword and not only does he know how to use it, he swings it around like if it was just a regular sword, proving that he possesses a formidable strength. With this weapon, he can slice whoever he wants, no matter how strong they are, because the sword is so huge and heavy, that no armor can withstand one hit from it. Moreover, Zabuza is fast enough to surprise even Kakashi and his Taijutsu style is more than enough to compete with anyone he meets. We don't know if Zabuza can use Gengutsu, but if he can't, he more than makes up for that for his wide variety of Ninjutsu. Yes, Zabuza has a formidable array of water ninjustsus that he uses for multiple purposes, he can even imprison is enemies with them if he wants to! But what really makes him deadly is his Mist Concealment technique. With this, he can completely hide himself from his enemy, and surprise him from behind, killing him before he can realize what just happened to him. Moreover, he can make decoys of himself with the Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu. Those clones can fight for him and distract the enemy from where he really his. If that doesn't suffice, Zabuza can always rely on his devastating water jutsus like Suiton Suiryuudan no Jutsu! Overall, Zabuza is one of the deadliest Jounin we have seen yet in Naruto.


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