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Naruto Ranks
Students with the academy
  They are the applicants ninjas. They follow courses to the academy of the village. It is there that they will pass the examination which will or not enable them to become a gennin. One teaches to them basic techniques like Bunshin No jutsu or Henge No jutsu.
  Graduates of the academy. They showed the capacity to become a ninja and are qualified in the basic techniques. They are divided into groups of 3 and are assigned to a juunin. They achieve then more or less difficult missions.
  They passed the examination chuunin: a theoretical test, a test of orientation and survival in team, then matches between concurrants. The intellect and the force of a gennin are judged by Kages and the lords who chair the tournament. The rank of chuunin is more honorary than another thing, but however essential to be able to teach or become juunin.
  The chuunins which showed extraordinary capacities become juunin. It is a high row reserved for the elite of the ninjas. The juunins carry out difficult missions (row A or B) relating often to an assassination, a flight, or in certain cases, the collection of data. A juunin is seen allotting a team of 3 young people gennins whom it will have to form.
Special juunins
  A juunin which specializes in a specific field. Morino Ibiki, for example, is a chief of the unit of interrogation and torture of Konoha. Anko is a juunin special because of its knowledge on emerging and dangerous village of the sound. The anbus are also special juunins.
  It is a division of juunins created to be used as personal guard of Hokage. This group deals with the most perilous missions: assasinats, escorts, etc... It is the elite of the ninjas. Kakashi has in the past itself be a member of Anbu. For reasons of safety, the anbus keep anonymity, and carry masks.
Nukenins (deserters)
  Ninjas which gave up their village. Consequently, they are tracked by the hunters of deserters of their village. They become often mercenaries for villains (Gato for example). Zabuza and Haku are deserters, like Itachi.
Oinins (hunters of deserters)
  Anbus which tracks the deserters to protect the secrecies from their village. They make disappear the bodies from the deserters. Haku was made pass for a hunter of deserters to save Zabuza, that Kakashi was on the point of completing.
  The ultimate ninja of the village. It is charged to defend its village at all costs. It is the most important person because it is most powerful and it is that which deals with the relations with the other countries. All the apprentices ninjas dream to become one Hokage day.


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