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Chakra is the energy which is useful has to make the techniques of the ninjas, For making well a technique it is necessary to know well to combine the two kinds of will chakra:

  • The Corporelle energy - will chakra which occurs by our body.
  • Spiritual energy - This one is different from the other bus him does not occur by the body but by the drive, the experiment during the missions it is more in the head and in the knowledge that was acquired this will chakra spiritual.

To make a technique it is necessary to combine these two kinds of will chakra with a good amount of body and spiritual energy and then to make a movement according to the technique Chakraused to make the technique. Ca depends which technique you use it can ask you for energy more or less a small basic technique will not ask much energy but Chidori or another request much for energy if one has court of will chakra death awaits us.

The circulation of will chakra is done by the meridian lines, it are as veins but to the place that that brings blood that brings will chakra in all the body. The meridian lines are connected to the vital bodies which accomodate enormously will chakra with the result that if the meridian lines are touched, the vital bodies reached the bodies automatically. Another essential point the meridian lines are composed of 361 Tenketsu, these tenketsu are openings of will thus chakra Chakravery small normally if one arrives has the touch precisely one could do what one wants of will chakra of the adversary, to stop circulation, approximately to amplify it to control will chakra it adversary. However the tenketsu is not visible by a normal vision even with Sharingan it is impossible, on the other hand a family can it: the hyuuga, They have a special eye like the uchiha: The byakugan that makes it possible to see and to thus touch with precision the tenketsu adversary this is a very frightening weapon (it does not have that this characteristic but for that there has a devoted file has this good last dreams).

Naruto Chakra


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