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Doto Kazahana

Name : Doto Kazahana
Age : ? (Deceased)
Rank : ?
Height : ?
Weight : ?
Birthday : ?
Blood Type : ?

The boss of Nadare Roga, Mizore Fuyukuma and Fubuki Kakuyoku, Doto Kazahanahe started the revolt in the Snow Country in search of the Treasure, which turned out to be a generator that transformed the Snow Country in to a Spring Country. He was hit directly by Naruto's Spiraling Sphere, throwing him with great force onto one of the Generator Walls. Whether this was the death of him was not confirmed.

These enemies have only appeared in the Naruto movie Snow Princess' Book of Ninja Arts, which makes their canonicity questionable. All of the following characters utilize special chakra armor that is unique to the ninja of Yukigakure. This armor allows them to increase the power of their chakra, and also enables them to negate the effects of opposing ninjutsu and genjutsu, as well as a limited amount of physical attacks. In addition, it also comes with various attachments, such as wings or extending arms (the attachments vary, as each armor is customized for the user).


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