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: Rokushou Aoi
Village : Hidden Rain Village
Rank : Jounin

Aoi is the diabolical ninja who was hired by the Wagarashi clan which is the rival of the Wasabi clan, his job is to stop Idate a runner for the Wasabi clan to not the win the Todori Burning Fire Race. The story behind Aoi is much deeper though as he was a previously a Konoha Jounin ninja.

Aoi betrayed konoha by having his student Idate steal 2 special treasures from Konoha in hopes with the lie of his student becoming a chuunin. These treasures was the seconds Raijin Sword and a special scroll of special jutsus. After this event Aoi went back to the hidden village of rain, but was caught up by Idates brother Morino Ibiki, who then was caught by the village of rain and tortured to translate the scroll. After this Incident Aoi has been wit the rain village ever since and does even the most worthless jobs that ninjas wouldn't do.

All of his skills involve his umbrella and his needles but this is to be expected since he is now a rain ninja, though what sets him apart from all the ninjas is his use of the special sword that is Raijin which he uses constantly when he lacks any other real power to inflict damage on his opponents. His skills seem pretty basic even for a jounin but he still manages to give most ninjas a pretty hard time in a fight.



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