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akimichi choujiAkimichi Chouji is a forgotten character in the otherwise cyclopean world of Naruto. As the main characters focus on their drawbacks and strife, the focus on Chouji's challenges seems to be non-existent. Although his part is small in the series [as he was not intended as the main character], he no doubt has a spectacular effect on the characters near to him [namely Shikamaru]. Moreover, Chouji's combat acumen and pedigree gives him an undeniable edge in any given affray.

His symbiotic relationship with Nara Shikamaru, his confidante, inexorably portrays his bursting altruism and understanding while intimating at his rather fantastical capacity of power. Take the situation in which Shikamaru is fighting in the Third Round of the Chunin exam; Chouji accurately predicts the loss of Shikamaru with the rousing gusto of a psychic. Yamanaka Ino, who is also a team member, is in disbelief. She can not comprehend Chouji's brash statement regarding a teammate. As Chouji aptly states after the loss, "Maybe you don't know Shikamaru, Ino." Indeed, without dictation, the reader comprehends that Chouji's mutual understanding of Shikamaru is well beyond that of anyone else. His dynamic relationship with Shikamaru proves to be potent: they safely compliment each others weaknesses. Chouji has an excess of strength while Shikamaru has an excess of intelligence [namely a 200+ IQ]. This regnant duo of adroitness in said fields can prove advantageous in combat as it forms an inseparable juggernaut of power and genius.

By and large, the Akimichi clan derives it's chakra from one main ancilla: food. Food must be consumed at a near constant rate in order to suffice the balance between exertion and expenditure in terms of chakra. There are two main Jutsus shared by said clan: Baika No Jutsu and Meat Tank. Baika No Jutsu variably increases your size depending on the amount of chakra you can exert. Thus it is possible to double your size or [if you're stronger] become as large as a building. Of course, what is the point of simply being gargantuan? Enter Meat ChoujiTank, the quintessential attack of the Akimichi clan. Once Chouji executes Baika No Jutsu, Meat Tank follows shortly thereafter. What is Meat Tank exactly? Well, to be simple, the user must stick in his limbs [including head], roll up into a ball and charge at the opponent. This results in a high velocity attack that can severely damage the opponent. Unfortunately, because the attack has a high velocity it is difficult to control the direction of the attack [which results in numerous failed attempts].

There is one trump card that the Akimichi clan is well known for: the Houren Pill. This panacea is well known throughout Konoha as the end-all for battles once used. It heightens the power of the user to unimaginable levels. There is one severe drawback albeit; if all three are taken in quick succession it may result in the demise of the consumer. As such, the Houren Pills are taken with immense caution and are only used in the direst of situations. In the fight to save Sasuke, Chouji must realize the unmitigated power of the Houren Pills as it is his duty to fight for Konoha, but he soon realizes that it is much more dangerous than he first estimated it to be.

Chouji's homely personality and unbridled strength lend much to comprehending his complex nature. Deep down he is a sensitive, self-conscience person who is easily offended by defamation [especially regarding his body weight] and feels that respect should be mutual among all people. Moreover, with the entrance of his care-free friend Shikamaru, Chouji [who was once a social pariah] became a more confident and respectable Ninja which all of Konoha can attest to.


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