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Naruto World Map

Naruto World Map

The Five Great Shinobi Countries
Fire Country
Hidden Leaf Village
Water Country
Hidden Mist Village
Hidden Mist
Earth Country
Hidden Rock Village
Hidden Rock
Hidden Sand
Wind Country
Hidden Sand Village
Hidden Cloud
Lightning Country
Hidden Cloud Village
Lower Shinobi Countries
Rice Field Country
Hidden Sound Village
Hidden Sound
Rain Country
Hidden Rain Village
Hidden Rain
Snow Country
Daimyou Kazahana
Hidden Snow
Hidden Waterfall
Waterfall Country
Hidden Waterfall Village
Hidden Grass
Grass Country
Hidden Grass Village
Hidden Star
Bear Country
Hidden Star Village
Other Countries

Fang Country

Wave Country

Tea Country

Stone Country

Moon Country

Mountain Country

Marsh Country

Bird Country

Sea Country

Claw Country

Valley Country

Forest Country

Noodles Country

River Country

Red Bean Jam Country

Swamp Country

Neck Country

Vegetable Country


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