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Umino Iruka

: Umino Iruka
Date of Birth : May 26
Blood Type : O
Height : 178 cm
Weight : 66.2 kg
Current Team : N/A

Umino Iruka is an instructor at the Konoha ninja academy. Introduced as Naruto Uzumaki's sensei, he and Naruto have a special connection. Iruka relates to Naruto since he also grew up as an orphan and was around Naruto's current age when his parents were killed by the Kyubi; He was the first person to acknowledge Naruto as a person of value and show concern for him. Naruto cares deeply for him, and sees Iruka as a father figure.

Iruka's parents were killed by the demon sealed inside Naruto, but he doesn't Umino Irukablame Naruto for what happened since he knew Naruto was not the Kyubi. Iruka regrets not doing more for Naruto, so he tends to be a little overprotective, often worrying that Naruto is being pushed too hard. As a result Iruka tends to underestimate Naruto's ability, and determination during the many trials he goes through to become a great ninja. He later became Konohamaru's teacher at the ninja academy after Naruto graduated.

During the Third Hokage's funeral, Naruto asked Iruka why people sacrifice themselves for others. He replied that all people were connected by a special line that could never be cut. He also says that line is the love between all people, and as the time passes that line gets longer and thicker. Umino IrukaNaruto understood him, somewhat.

Little is known about Iruka's abilities, but can be assumed he is competent due to his Chunin rank, and his position as an academy teacher. The anime filler episodes have Iruka using trap ninjutsu against Mizuki, as well as detecting Mizuki setting off a paper bomb, so it's possible he's skilled in this area.

In the Naruto II Arc, he basically looks the same, and he still has the same ranking. It is revealed that he is still a teacher at the academy. It is unknown if he will eventually advance to the level of Jonin.


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