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Inuzuka Kiba

Inuzuka Kiba

Inuzuka Kiba is a loud and boisterous Chuunin, originally from Yuhi Kurenai's team 8. He's from Konohagakure's Inuzuka family, known for their use of Ninken (Nin-dogs) in battle, and has an almost symbiotic relation with his ninken Akamaru - they are even able to communicate with each other, allowing Kiba to gain information from Akamaru's heightened senses of smell and hearing. The two also perform many jutsu together, such as Gatsuga (Double Piercing Fang) in which, after having used Jujin Bunshin (Beast Human Clone) so that they both look like a beastlike Kiba, they spin towards the opponent at high speed, causing great damage on impact. By sending chakra to his nose, Kiba can also increase his own sense of smell by a thousandfold. Kiba and his team members, Hyuga Hinata and Aburame Shino, are highly specialised in tracking and survival; Kiba's and Akamaru's heightened senses, combined with Hinata's Byakugan and Shino's Kikaichu (Destruction Bugs), make their team an excellent tracking team. Compared to Team 7, Team 8 appears to be on very good terms with one another Inuzuka Kiba(although Shino proclaims his dislike for Kiba's bossy attitude during the second part of the Chunin exam); Kiba watches out for Hinata in a manner reminiscent of an older brother and the three spend time together as they pursue their hobbies (Kiba training Akamaru, Hinata picking flowers, and Shino collecting bugs).

Kiba is part of the Inuzuka clan which specialize in beast type of attacks and pairing up with other animals to successfully complete their missions. Kiba is a very strong character but at the same time still is a soft character who cares for his friends.

Kiba fights with his partner Akamaru the faithful dog who willingly abides by the commands Kiba sets forth for him, the 2 are a devastating duo who cause considerable amounts of damage to the enemies. When we first see them fight as 1 is when they are pit up against Naruto in the Pre-fights for the chuunin Inuzuka Kibaexam, their strength together was enough to cause considerable damage to Naruto, but their weakness is their heightened sense of smell, which enhances all smells 1000 times that of its original smell.

Personality wise Kiba seems to be very caring for his comrades and at the same time can be a jerk, this makes Kiba become more of a variable character of the series, not so much has really been released about Kiba thus far, though in time there will be a more in tuned and more integrated part of Kiba in the series.


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