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: Sai
1st Appearance : Chapter 281
Blood type :AB
Eye color :Black
Hair color :Black
Rank : ANBU
Current affiliation : Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf), Ne ("Root") (Though he has apparently turned on Ne by revealing that he wishes to rescue Sasuke)
Previous affiliation : Konohagakure (Hidden Leaf)
Current Team : Team 7 ( Yamato, Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura and Sai.

A member of a now-defunct independent subdivision of the ANBU called 'Ne' ("Root"), Sai is the codename of a ninja about Naruto's age specialising in artistic ninjutsu and functioning as an undercover agent sent by Danzo to inflitrate Team 7 as Sasuke's replacement. His mission and its full objective, revealed in chapter 305, was to kill Sasuke because of his supposed danger to Konoha, but after realizing the bond between him and Naruto, he decides against this, instead stating that he wishes to protect that bond by rescuing him from Orochimaru. When he successfully became a part of Team 7, his initial attitude toward Naruto and Sakura would not be evidence of this. His introduction to Naruto was an attack on him, Shikamaru and Choji, which was followed by an insult to Naruto's manhood by asking him if he even has a penis (and makes several other comments about it in later chapters). Calling Sakura ugly later does not win him any points with her either.

SaiLater, he tops it off by vehemently denouncing Sasuke using quite colorful language. With this, it earned him Naruto's rather emphatic flat-out refusal to accept him as a member of the team, insisting that Team 7's third member is still Sasuke, even when he's gone. Sai also earns a well-aimed power punch from Sakura for bad-mouthing Sasuke. As the story unfolds, Sai admits that he has a problem of showing his emotions (even when his big brother died) because he is somehow devoid of his own emotion or thoughts. He values the completion of his ANBU mission more than the safety of his teammates, as shown during training with Naruto, as well as when he ignored Yamato's order to catch an unconscious Sakura who fell from a bridge in Chapter 293.

Sai uses a scroll, brush and ink to draw animals which will jump out of the scroll and attack to his will. He can also use this method to produce a fully flight-capable bird, which he can ride. He also wields a short sword like weapon which he keeps on his back at all times.


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