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Name :
1st Appearance : Chapter 34
Height : 5'2"
Weight : 98 LBS
Birthday : August 23rd
Bloodtype : O
Village : Hidden Sand Village
Techniques : Dust Wind (Ninpou Fuusajin), Summoning Technique (Kyuichose No Jutsu), Sickling Winds (Ninpou Kamaitachi), Spinning Whirl (Kirikiri)

The eldest child on Gaara's team, Temari, as well as Kankurou, is terrified of Gaara, her youngest brother. When Gaara is away, she is a confident, strong Genin, although not a bully like Kankuro. Despite her fear for Gaara, she can be caring towards him, but only if Gaara isn't riled up.

Temari can be very arrogant and over-confident of her abilities, though she does have some very strong attacks. She carries around a large fan which can create large wind jutsus. As well she can summon Kamaitachi, a powerful summon that can level an entire forest in one attack.

She has a deep dislike for war, and shows it when her teacher Baki told them their mission to Hidden Leaf for the Chuunin exams. Despite her dislike, besides Gaara, she has the strongest offense. Her enormous fan can execute a Slashing Wind attack, which can take on groups of enemies, and equally effective in a duel. She thinks ahead, like Shikamaru, to better suit her abilities.



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