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: Chiyo
Age : 80+ (deceased)
Rank : Unknown, probably: Jounin
Affiliation : Sunagakure (Hidden Sand)
Signature Abilities : Poison expert, Soushuuha (Manipulating Attack Blades), Chakura no Tate (Shield of Chakra), Kugutsu no Jutsu (Puppet Technique) (Haha, Chichi, etc.), Hitokugutsu (Person Puppets), Shiro Higi: Jikki Chikamatsu no Shou (White Secret Technique: Ten Puppet Group of Chikamatsu)

Affectionately called Chiyo-baa-sama by the Sunagakure villagers. She and her brother Ebizou are highly revered in Suna and are known as the Go-Kyoudai ( honorific form of "Siblings"). She is knowledgeable when it comes to handling certain poisons and used her skills often during the third Ninja war, only to be countered numerous times by Tsunade's medical expertise. This is why she holds a grudge towards "Ano Namekuji-musume" ("That slug-girl") as she calls Tsunade. She is the grandmother of Akasuna no Sasori. Her son was the enemy of Hatake Kakashi's father Hatake Sakumo, whom she still holds a grudge to. It is unknown if this son also happens to be the father of Sasori. It was Chiyo who sealed the Shukaku inside of Sabaku no Gaara, under the orders of Gaara's father the Fourth Kazekage.

ChiyoChiyo uses ten puppets created by the first Kugutsu no Jutsu (Puppet Technique) user, Monzaemon.

After an extended battle that Chiyo and Sakura had against Sasori, of which all three people have been fatally injured, at the end Chiyo sacrifices her life force to save Sakura's life, using a jutsu she originally developed for Sasori, "to give life to a lifeless puppet." Because Sakura was not completely dead, Chiyo was still alive at that point, since she was not forced to give up her entire lifeforce to restore Sakura. Later on though, she uses the same jutsu to bring Gaara back to life, thus using up her remaining life force and ultimately, passed away.

Chiyo is arguably the oldest character in the series. Though her current age is unknown, she has to be at least 80. Her grandson, Sasori, left Sunagakure more then 20 years ago, already being a legendary puppetmaker. This probably makes him about 40 years old. Assuming that both Chiyo and her son had their children at age 20, this brings Chiyo's age at 80+.



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