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Sensei : Baki
Akatsuki Organization : Akasuna no Sasori


: Baki
1st Appearance : Chapter 65
Rank : Jounin
Height : 188 cm
Weight : 80 kg
Birthday : July 4
Blood Type : A
Affiliation : Sunagakure (Hidden Sand)
Signature Ability : Kaze no Yaiba (Blade of Wind)

Baki is the sensei of Gaara, Kankurou, and Temari. During the Chuunin exam, he had confidence in the ability of all of his team members, although he comments on Kankurou not taking the battles seriously enough. He was also the one who subsequently murdered Gekkou Hayate. Baki, however, seems to have changed into a better person after the invasion, and it is quite possible that he regrets his actions.



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