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Member of Akatsuki


Name : Hidan
Age : ?
Height : ?
Weight : ?
Ring : San, three
Ring position : Left index finger
Partner : Kakuzu
Debut : Chapter 312; Episode 135 (unnamed silhouette)
Unique traits : Strict follower of his religion (Jashin), believes only in total destruction, easy to anger, talkative

Hidan is a missing-nin from an unknown village and is the second-newest member of Akatsuki, Tobi being the newest. Unlike the other members of Akatsuki, the Akatsuki leader does not seem to have Hidan's respect. He is the partner of Kakuzu, despite their obvious dislike of one another. Kakuzu has little patience for Hidan's battle style, rituals, and speeches, which he believes take far too long. Hidan, in turn, detests how Kakuzu fights solely for money. The first kanji in Hidan's name stands for hisha, the rook in shogi.

Hidan is apparently immortal, having been fatally wounded a number of times. He even survived decapitation at the hands of Asuma Sarutobi, still able to speak despite the injury. Despite being able to survive decapitation, he still needs to be connected to his body to control it. Kakuzu uses Hidanhis ability to control the threads in his arms to put Hidan back together in such circumstances. While Hidan can heal from such injuries, it apparently takes time, as Kakuzu warns him that his head could fall off again if he's not careful. Hidan himself has indicated a desire to die, yet can't. Every time he has faced opponents, he has openly stated that he hopes they are strong enough to kill him. Hidan's immortality is the main reason for his partnership with Kakuzu. As Kakuzu explains it, his rage tends to get the better of him on occasion and he kills anyone nearby, so Hidan is the one partner that he can't possibly get rid of. It also comes in handy during battles, since Hidan can distract an opponent while Kakuzu attacks from behind with a powerful elemental jutsu without fear of killing his partner.

Hidan belongs to the Jashin ("Evil God" or "Evil Heart") religion, which commends slaughter. Jashin is also the name of the deity in the religion. In the Jashin religion, anything less than total destruction is considered a sin. Because of this, having to capture the two-tailed demon cat alive was not something he was happy about, especially after the battle began. Overtly religious, almost to a fault, Hidan refused to fight the demon cat's host without praying beforehand. As a part of his religion, Hidan owns a charm with an upside-down triangle inscribed inside a circle (the symbol is sometimes drawn right-side up) that he carries on the chain of beads; the same symbol is used on the seal in his battle ritual. Before a battle, Hidan prays to his chain of prayer beads, wishing for nothing less than a kill. Hidan doesn't like to be interrupted during a battle, actually arguing with the Akatsuki leader for more time to finish when ordered to retreat. It is Kakuzu that convinces him to obey the order. Before leaving, he entertains the idea of using his curse ritual on the leader.

Hidan is the self-proclaimed slowest-attacking member of Akatsuki. He commonly wields a three-bladed scythe that he uses as a throwing weapon while controlling it with a rope wrapped around his wrist. Despite his claim, he can wield his scythe fast enough to strike at even experienced Jonin with a high chance of success. The purpose of the three blades on the scythe is not to give more attack power, but rather to increase his chances of drawing blood.

HidanIn a serious battle, Hidan draws a triangle inscribed in a circle with his own blood. After drawing and consuming some blood from his opponent (simply stabbing an opponent then stabbing himself also works), he stands in the circle and undergoes a transformation. Most of his skin turns black, with white lines appearing in roughly the same locations as his bones. Combined with his scythe, this transformation gives him the appearance of a Grim Reaper. Once the ritual is complete, Hidan and his opponent are linked; any damage inflicted on him is also inflicted on his opponent, as if he were a living voodoo doll. During the ritual, Hidan swaps his scythe in favor of a retractable pike, which he uses to inflict more precise injuries. Though the injuries are painful for him as well, he appears to be masochistic and enjoys the pain. He enjoys toying with his opponents by inflicting painful yet non-lethal injuries. Inevitably, Hidan will kill his opponent by driving the pike through his chest, instantly killing all but the strongest adversary. This is the method he used to kill Asuma Sarutobi. In doing so, his transformation is reversed. The technique's weakness is that it only works when Hidan is inside the seal; if he leaves the seal, the link is broken, but the technique is not. Hidan's transformation remains in place, allowing him to restore the link through the same method that created it if he can return to the seal. Because the transformation is already complete, restoring the link takes much less time. After battles, should he have time, Hidan performs a thirty-minute ritual involving the seal, which is essentially a drawn-out version of his battle ritual.

As Hidan and Kakuzu travel through the Land of Fire, Hidan is forced into battle with Asuma Sarutobi. After forming a link with Asuma and preparing to kill him, Hidan is stopped by Shikamaru Nara. Although Shikamaru is able to break the link and allow Asuma to decapitate Hidan, Hidan is soon able to rejoin his body with Kakuzu's help, reform the link, and kill Asuma. Before Hidan can turn his attention to Shikamaru and the rest of his team, he and Kakuzu are called away by the Akatsuki leader. Once their business is finished, Hidan and Kakuzu set out for Konoha to finish their battle, though along the way they are captured by Shikamaru, who had been waiting for them. Although Kakuzu is able to escape, Shikamaru is able to use his shadow to force Hidan to attack him, although he eventually decides to lead Hidan away so the rest of his team can deal with Kakuzu. Upon reaching his destination, Shikamaru restrains Hidan, covers him in exploding tags, and causes a pit beneath Hidan to break away. Finally having a chance to avenge Asuma's death, Shikamaru lights a cigarette and tosses it at Hidan, causing the exploding tags to detonate. As his remains fall into the pit Hidan promises to kill Shikamaru in any way possible, to which Shikamaru responds by causing the pit to cave in, trapping Hidan beneath the rubble. While his actual status is currently unknown, Akatsuki no longer considers him a member


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