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Akatsuki Leader

Name : ?, Akatsuki Leader
Age : ?
Height : ?
Weight : ?
Ring : zero/nothing/overflow
Ring position : Right thumb
Position : left middle finger
Partner : None or not yet introduced
First cameo : Chapter 238; Episode 135
First appearance : Chapter 327

The leader of Akatsuki is a mysterious figure. None of the other Akatsuki members refer to him by name, instead simply calling him "leader," and his face is rarely shown. He has the respect of most of his subordinates (Hidan, having recently joined, is an exception) and is the one directing their actions. He is also the one to initiate and supervise the jutsu that forcibly brings a tailed beast out of its host. He can also clone his subordinates using human sacrifices, allowing them to engage the enemy without risking themselves. When it becomes necessary to gather his subordinates, he can communicate with them over long distances through some form of telepathy.

While the leader has remained mostly anonymous, the cover of chapter 317 depicts him with auburn hair and a glimpse of his lower face shows what appears to be Akatsuki Leadereither tattoos or piercings on either side of his nose. He is seen sitting on an odd statue with many tubes winding through it, commenting that Hidan and Kakuzu are always causing trouble. The statue is located in a city much more modern than is common for the series, and has tubes similar to those in the statue winding through its various buildings.

The leader has displayed at least a cursory knowledge of the various villages, as well as the underlying political and economic conditions in the country at large. When Hidan referred to the Konoha-nin as "godless heathens," the leader gave a short description of Konoha's "Will of Fire," then proceeded to note that all countries have some similar practice to justify their battles.


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