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: Hoshigaki Kisame
Height : 195 cm
Weight : 83.1 kg
Birthday : March 18
Blood Type : AB
Village : Hidden Mist Village
Status : Shinobi

Rank : Jounin, Missing-nin, S-Ranked Criminal

Not much is currently known about Kisame, other than his past affiliation with Momochi Zabuza in Hidden Mist's Seven Legendary Swordsmen group. He has a freakish personality and an equally freakish appearance.

He has a terrifying sword he calls Samehada, which sucks up Chakra being built inside the body, and rather than slicing it's intended victim, it rips them apart like the teeth of a shark.

He loves to fight, and was eager to fight Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai, but was disappointed when Itachi ordered a retreat. He is fearless, and not afraid to use his Samehada liberally. Truly someone to be cautious of, if not terrified of.

One of the members of the Akatsuki group, Kisame is a deadly terrorist trained for evil purposes. Partners with Uchiha Itachi, he remains loyal as a teammate with him. Known as the Daimyo Killer, he was formerly a hidden mist shinobi. Water tribes were constantly searching for this shinobi after he terrorized them.

Enlisted with Itachi as a S-Class criminal, Kisame is as deadly as any shinobi can get. Armed with a gigantic broadsword covered with tape, Kisame can crush anything. If his "Samehade" (sharkskin blade) is revealed when the tape unfolds, it becomes an ultimate murder weapon.

The amount of chakra Kisame possesses is apparently considered very large, even by the Akatsuki's standards. The Leader commented on his amount of chakra; a Kisame body-double at 30% power, made with the Leader's Shoten no Jutsu (Shapeshifting Technique), had as much chakra as Uzumaki Naruto possessed while drawing on the Nine-Tails chakra when he fought Neji during the Chunin exams. A similar observation was made by Hyuga Neji when he observed Kisame's body-double with his Byakugan. Kisame also has immense physical strength as he demonstrated against Sarutobi Asuma and later against Maito Gai.

Kisame  Kisame


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